Your Guide To: Inventory Status Change

Current trends in eCommerce show that inventory issues are a major pain point for retailers, and conversely, product availability drives online purchases. That’s why SimplePart has released updated inventory status messaging on the product details page.  During the pilot test of this feature, we observed:

  • improved add-to-cart rates 
  • increased customer satisfaction

So what changes can customers expect on the product details page? 

Customers will see one of four messages depending upon the inventory in stock at your dealership and the local PDC. 

For example, if there is ample stock (3+ items available) of a part or accessory on hand, customers will see the following message, including an “in-stock” message.

If there is a limited quantity in stock (1-2 items available), customers will see the message below:

If the item is entirely out of stock but there is availability from the PDC, then this message will appear: 

If the item is out of stock and there is no availability from the PDC, then this message will appear, letting the customer know that the item is unable to be purchased at that time. 

You can have the option to customize these messages. For more information on message customization, please contact our Client Services team at