New Articles

  1. April 2021 Monthly Newsletter

    The month of March was great for the Nissan Parts & Accessories online program. The program generated sales totaling $1,056,101, helped in part by the Spring Into Savings promotion.
  2. March 2021 Monthly Newsletter

    The Nissan Parts & Accessories Online program had a strong month in February. The program sold a total of $921,877 last month, bolstered by two promotions that ran from the 8th through the 18th, and again from the 24th through the 28th.
  3. February 2021 Monthly Newsletter

    January was a promising month for the Nissan Parts & Accessories Online program. Total program sales topped $660,000 for the month, helped by January’s program-wide Vehicle Appreciation Event promotion.
  4. January 2021 Monthly Newsletter

    December showed some impressive results for the Nissan Parts & Accessories Online program. Holiday traffic increased paid search engine marketing (SEM) sales 70% compared to November, and total program sales reached over $1,800,000.
  5. January 2022 Monthly Newsletter

    Nissan Parts & Accessories Online is proud to announce that this past December was the program’s highest-selling month since launch with over $1.6 million in total program sales! Even as one of the typically largest sales months of the year, sales in December were nearly double those from December 2020 (+97% YoY), a huge achievement for the program and our network of program dealers.
  6. February 2022 Monthly Newsletter

    As we entered the new year, January saw a normal decline in sales and orders compared to December, as is typical in the months following the busy holiday shopping period.
  7. March 2022 Monthly Newsletter

    February eCommerce sales continued to showcase strong results spurred on by our SimplePart site, the Love Your Vehicle Promotion and consumer behavior. There has been consistent growth for our combined brands with a 22% increase in overall sales from January to February!
  8. April 2022 Monthly Newsletter

    The Nissan Parts & Accessories Online Program had a strong month in March. Bolstered by the Spring Savings Event, total program sales reached $2,019,870 for the month. That’s a 76% increase from February!
  9. May 2022 Monthly Newsletter

    The Nissan Parts & Accessories Online Program saw consistent success and growth over the past year. Bolstered by continuous year-over-year growth in visitors, orders, sales, and average order value, we’ve generated over $13 million in sales in the last fiscal year!
  10. June 2022 Monthly Newsletter

    May eCommerce sales showcased strong results compared with April, so we wanted to take a moment to say thank you to our dealer partners for the efforts over the last month.