Maintaining Order Volume During Staff Vacations

As employees in your parts department begin taking their vacations of the summer–and with the holidays just around the corner– you may be tempted to either turn off your website or adjust your pricing to lower your order volume during these times. Short-term changes like this, however, can have long-term effects on your business, such as:

  • A loss of clients  

  • A loss of revenue  

  • Wasted paid advertising spend  

  • Decreased paid advertising performance  

Instead, consider these alternatives to make sure that your store maintains its performance in these crucial, high-demand months: 

  • Place a banner on your website telling clients that order processing may be delayed. By setting expectations with your clients, you can still capture orders while not overloading your current staff with large order volumes. A member of our CSC Team can help you place a banner on your website in just a few clicks! 

  • Coordinate scheduling to retain your ability to maintain your current order volume. Staggering your employees’ vacation scheduling is a good way to prevent a significant loss of productivity during high-demand summer months. It may make financial sense for your business to hire temporary help to fill in for longer-term employee absences.  

By maintaining your parts department’s ability to keep fulfilling orders, you’ll maintain your website’s continued success! Reach out to our CSC Team at for more information.